Choosing A Hamster Ball And Safety Precautions

//Choosing A Hamster Ball And Safety Precautions

Choosing A Hamster Ball And Safety Precautions

hamster ballHumans are very social creatures that need the love and touch of other humans on a regular basis. Still there are millions of people that don’t get that, but they rely on pets to keep them company. Many pets also are very sad if they don’t have a mate or similar animals around them. But hamsters are one of the animals from the wild that don’t get very lonely. They originated in the hot desert were they fiercely protect their little kingdoms from invasion by other hamsters in order to have enough food. But, as long as they have plenty of food, they’ll accept other hamsters in the same cage.

They Do Like Their Toys

In order to occupy their time, hamsters have a lot of little things they like to do, over and over again. They are burrowing animals, since it’s very hot in the desert, and down below the ground there they can stay cool. In their cage, they can only move the litter around to different places that they’ll like to sleep. So you’ll see them move from one corner to another, then another. If your hamster house has separate rooms, they try each one of those too.

They also truly love to run on their wheels, you should size your wheel right for the hamster you have. You’ll note that sometimes at night, your little pet will run for hours on end. It’s very healthy for them to run on their wheels so let them.

Another great toy is the hamster ball. These are plastic balls that have holes in them which you can put your hamster inside of. Then you’re little buddy can run all over the house until he gets stuck, which they often do. They get jammed into a corner, stuck under some furniture, you name it, they’ll get stuck there.

Tips On Choosing The Right Hamster Ball

First there are some safety rules you’ll need to know. Since your little hamster will get stuck at times, never put him in the ball when you’re not there to save him. Plus, you should block off access to any stairways where he could roll down and get hurt, because he will. Hamsters are nearly blind, but they do have a great sense of smell and excellent hearing.

What you’ll see with the ball is they are searching out smells that they want to investigate, or running from those that scare them. Make sure that other pets, like cats and dogs, are out of the house when you let your hamster in his ball. And, you should only use the ball on a carpeted floor, since the ball will roll too fast on a hard floor for your hamster to keep up. And you should only use the ball in 20 minute intervals since it’s hard work for him to roll the ball around, and only once per day too.

Look for a fairly large hamster ball since those are easier for your hamster to run inside of. Too small and he’s hitting his nose all of the time. The size of the holes is somewhat important since he’ll be running up a good sweat and needs air circulation. After that, it’s also good to keep your ball cleaned out between uses since he might relieve himself inside the ball. Then, since the ball rolls around, he’ll be running in his own urine.

Either way, hamsters do have a great time exploring the house in their balls. They need the exercise and humans like to watch them run around. Noe matter what you think, they really can’t see you from more than a couple of inches away. So if they are following you, it’s your smell. No worries, it’s all part of the fun of owning a hamster.

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