How To Clean A Pet Snake Cage

//How To Clean A Pet Snake Cage

How To Clean A Pet Snake Cage

sea snakeHaving a pet snake can be amazing, but you need to keep their enclosure clean to ensure that they are healthy. There are certain cleaning tasks that should be done daily while others will need to be done either weekly or monthly. Knowing what these tasks are will help you keep your pet healthy and stay on top of the cleaning.

The Daily Tasks

There are 3 tasks that you should be taking care of each day when it comes to cleaning your snake’s enclosure. The first is to wash their water bowl. This bowl will be prone to bacterial development as your snake is going to wash and drink from it. If you notice that your snake has defecated in the water bowl, you will need to clean it immediately.

The next daily task will be to remove any feces and urine from the enclosure. This is something that you might not see every day and that is fine because this will depend on the snake species and age. If you do see any, you will need to remove it and the bedding that it has been touching. All wet substrates will also need to be removed at this point and you need to top this up after.

The last task will be to check for any debris in the enclosure and removing it. This will include pieces of shed skin, stray moss from the humidity box if you have one ad an uneaten or regurgitated food. Anything that does not belong in the enclosure should be removed at this point.

Weekly And Monthly Tasks

Once a week to once a month, you will need to wash and disinfect all of the accessories in your snake’s enclosure. This will include the water bowl, humidity boxes, decorations and hides. After disinfecting the items, you will need to rinse them with hot water and allow everything to dry out completely before returning it.

If you are using substrates in the enclosure, you will need to remove all of it and replace it. After you have removed the substrate, you should clean the tank before replacing it. If you have a reusable substrate, you will need to clean it according to the instructions you received with it. If you use sand, you will have to sift it for any obvious debris then wash it with clean water.

Cleaning the tank itself is also very important. To do this, you should use a sponge and a lot of hot soapy water. You might need to use a toothbrush to get to the corners of the enclosure. You will need to clean both inside and outside of the tank before rinsing it with clean water. You also need to disinfect the tank before rinsing all disinfectant residue.

There are a number of tasks that you need to complete to clean your pet snake’s enclosure. Some of these tasks should be done on a daily basis while others can be done either weekly or monthly. The timeframe will be determined by how dirty the enclosure appears.

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